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Baluchis in Iran renew protests as the regime continues execution surge

Iran’s nationwide uprising is witnessing its 239th day on Friday as the country’s Baluchi community is protesting in the streets yet again and voicing their utter hatred of the mullahs’ regime. Brave locals in Zahedan rallied and launched a large demonstration in a continuation of the country’s anti-regime protests despite hollow promises from regime officials recently to have launched judicial cases against individuals involved in the killing of Baluchi protesters. These demonstrations are continuing while the regime has been attempting to quell the Iranian people’s protests with a new surge of executions, sending nearly 70 people to the gallows in the past two weeks alone.

People throughout Iran continue to specifically hold the mullahs’ Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei responsible for their miseries, while also condemning the oppressive Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and paramilitary Basij units, alongside other security units that are on the ground suppressing the peaceful demonstrators.

Protests in Iran have to this day expanded to at least 282 cities. Over 750 people have been killed and more than 30,000 are arrested by the regime’s forces, according to sources of the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). The names of 675 killed protesters have been published by the PMOI/MEK.

Brave youths and members of the MEK Resistance Units network checkered in different cities and towns across Iran launched a new campaign of anti-regime measures in response to the regime’s recent surge in horrific executions. Brave youth attacked the state police headquarters in the city of Tonekabon in northern Iran on Wednesday night, leading to a fire and explosions at the site. Other such attacks included:

  • Brave youth attacked the office of a senior regime official in Qazvin

  • Brave youth attacked and threw Molotov cocktails at a building associated to the mullahs’ regime in Tehran

  • Brave youth attacked a so-called seminary in Tehran used by the regime to promote the mullahs’ policies of hatred, misogyny, and fundamentalism

  • Brave youths attacked IRGC paramilitary Basij bases in Tehran, Isfahan, Manujan,and Kerman

  • MEK Resistance Units torched large images of Khamenei, regime founder Ruhollah Khomeini, and former IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani in Mashhad, Shiraz, Arak, and Sangar

People in the city of Zahedan, the provincial capital of Sistan & Baluchestan Province, are in the streets in large numbers as they continue their anti-regime demonstrations today. Hundreds, if not thousands, are chanting slogans against the mullahs’ dictatorship and crackdown on the Iranian people’s God-given rights while vowing to continue this struggle to overthrow the mullahs’ regime and establish freedom and democracy.

The protesters today were chanting various slogans, including: “Khamenei, have some shame! Let go of the country!” “Khamenei is a murderer! We have nothing to eat!” “Basij and IRGC, you are our ISIS!” “Mullahs must get lost!”

Iranian opposition coalition NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi praised the brave people of Zahedan for their determination in continuing their anti-regime protests today and vowing to never stand down from this ongoing struggle for freedom and democracy in all of Iran.

“I salute the people of Zahedan who rose up today with chants of ‘Death to the Republic of Executions.’ They vowed to remain loyal to their fallen friends and not relent until the mullahs’ criminal regime is overthrown. Baluch protesters showed that despite the outrageous executions and widespread arrests, they have accepted to pay the price of freedom. They will not surrender nor will they remain silent. They cry out loud. Today, the people of Iran, particularly the ethnic nationalities who are under double oppression, very well know that the only way to achieve freedom and their fundamental rights is to overthrow Khamenei and establish people’s sovereignty,” the NCRI President-elect explained.

“Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!” “Political prisoners must be released!” “We swear on the blood of our compatriots that we stand to the very end!” “I will kill those who killed my brother!” “My martyred brother! I will avenge your blood!” “Poverty-Corruption-High prices! We’re going to overthrow the regime!”

Regime authorities in Khash, another restive city of Sistan & Baluchestan Province, had dispatched a large number of security units on Friday to prevent anti-regime protests by the locals.

Locals of a village near the city of Kuhdasht in Lorestan Province, western Iran, are holding a gathering outside the governor’s office on Friday protesting the officials’ refusal to rebuild a bridge destroyed near their homes. Regime officials across the country are neglecting the people’s needs by refusing to provide the budget necessary for such vital reconstruction, leaving ordinary people suffering for years.

Locals near the city of Marand in northwest Iran were holding a gathering on Thursday morning protesting the regime authorities’ confiscation of their lands. Regime security forces attacked their ranks.

People in the Shahrak-e Bagheri district of Tehran were chanting anti-regime slogans on Thursday night, including “Down with the dictator!”

The protests in Iran began following the death of Mahsa Amini. Mahsa (Zhina) Amini, a 22-year-old woman from the city of Saqqez in Kurdistan Province, western Iran, who traveled to Tehran with her family, was arrested on Tuesday, September 13, at the entry of Haqqani Highway by the regime’s so-called “Guidance Patrol” and transferred to the “Moral Security” agency.

She was brutally beaten by the morality police and died of her wounds in a Tehran hospital on September 16. The event triggered protests that quickly spread across Iran and rekindled the people’s desire to overthrow the regime.


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