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Covid-19 Positive Female Political Prisoner Denied Medical Treatment

A female political prisoner held ad Tabriz Prison has tested positive for Covid-19 disease. Masoumeh Senobari contracted the virus after the authorities refused to quarantine infected prisoners.

An informed source about the condition of this political prisoner said: “Masoumeh Sanobari coughs badly. She also has a high fever, and suffers from fore throat, dry mouth, lung pain and pain in all parts of the body.”

The families of a number of female inmates in Tabriz Prison have been told that nine prisoners have tested positive.

The authorities have denied the prisoners’ families request for medical leave. There is no doctor or any isolation unit for women contracting the virus in this prison.

Prison officials did not separate patients from other detainees from the beginning, so many the inmates have now tested positive.

Masoumeh Senobari suffers from blurred vision, broken right leg and other problems due to torture during her detention.

Prison officials had previously denied her leave for medical treatment.


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