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Female Political Prisoners in Dire Condition at Qarchak Prison

According to latest reports received, Forough Taghipour, a political prisoner, has contracted coronavirus in prison and is deprived of receiving any medical care or being attended to at hospital. Ms. Parastoo Moini is also in dire health condition.

Zahra Safaee and her daughter Parastoo Moini along with Forough Taqipoor, 25, and her mother Nasim Jabbari, 58, were detained in Tehran by security forces on February 24, 2020. They were taken to the Intelligence Ministry’s detention center known as ward 209 of Evin Prison.

Mrs. Jabari was freed on bail but the three others were sent to notorious prison Qarchak Prison in mid-April.

They were under intense interrogation to make confessions on TV. They were also deprived of having a lawyer of their own choice on the judge’s order and could only choose a lawyer from a list given to them by the Judiciary.

They are charged with “cooperation with a dissident organization (PMOI/MEK)”.


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