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Iran’s regime hangs three protesters amid surge in executions

The regime ruling Iran executed three inmates in Isfahan today for their involvement in the Iranian Revolution protests in this city back in November of last year. The three victims, Saleh Mirhashemi, Saeed Yaghoubi, and Majid Kazemi were severely tortured into coerced confessions during kangaroo trials. This follows a continuing trend of executions during an ongoing surge launched by the ruling dictatorship in Iran in an attempt to quell the continuous and escalating anti-regime protests.

The three prisoners were hanged despite a wave of protests inside Iran and international calls for the regime to stop the executions.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), said, “Not a day goes by without the bloodthirsty Khamenei shedding the blood of our young people to cling to his abhorrent reign and stave off its inevitable collapse… The mullahs’ regime is unable to rule a single day without resorting to repression, torture, and executions. The sole path for the people of Iran to free themselves is through uprising and resistance.”

nother four inmates were executed on Friday in Isfahan’s Dastgerd Prison, following at least 16 executions on Thursday in different cities checkered across the country on the same day. On Monday morning, the Iranian regime executed five more prisoners in several prisons across the country as a part of its new wave of killing spree to quell the restive society.

Since April 21 the mullahs’ regime has sent at least 110 inmates to the gallows. According to Amnesty International, more than 576 people were executed in Iran during the course of 2022, indicating an 83 percent increase in comparison to 2021. These are all signs of a significant increase in the mullahs’ crackdown campaign against the Iranian people under the watch of regime President Ebrahim Raisi ever since the start of his tenure as regime President Ebrahim Raisi back in August 2021.

While the clerical regime tries to intimidate society with a new wave of brutal hangings, news from Iran indicates there have been growing protests against the regime’s brutality.

Rallies to stop the executions in Isfahan continued throughout the week despite a brutal response by regime forces. In Tehran, families of other death-row inmates gathered on Monday, demanding their loved ones release.

In addition, there have been mounting anti-regime activities by defiant youth in response to the clerical regime’s new wave of executions. In their latest action, defiant youth attacked the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Basij base in Fuman, northern Iran, on Sunday.

This is in addition to nightly protests in the country’s capital with people chanting anti-regime slogans, such as “death to the dictator.”

The nationwide uprising, which began in September 2022, rattled the regime’s foundations. Seeing his regime’s demise on the horizon, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei resorted to a brutal crackdown to postpone the system’s downfall. However, the ongoing protests demonstrate his resounding failure.

In recent days, Ahmadreza Radan, newly appointed by Khamenei as the State Security Force (SSF) commander, asked the oppressive forces to increase their efforts, saying that “we should prevent future unrest from happening. Your task is like deducing the society’s temperature.”

Khamenei and his oppressive regime tremble at the thought of impending uprisings. Iran’s economy lies in ruins, burdening its people with skyrocketing inflation and unemployment. Despite Khamenei’s attempts to maintain a facade of a “consolidated system,” internal conflicts plague his regime. Even with the appointment of Ebrahim Raisi as president and carefully selected parliamentarians, he failed to prevent any hint of division.

The surging protests and actions of resilient youth, alongside the activities of the MEK’s Resistance Units, have foiled Khamenei’s scheme to intimidate protesters. The Iranian people have been courageously fighting back against the brutal regime. The international community needs to adopt serious and meaningful measures against Tehran. The ruling mullahs need to understand that their actions will have consequences. The ongoing global silence will only embolden the mullahs’ regime in their bellicosity and the Iranian people will be the first victims.


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