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Iran Sentences Three Young Peaceful Protesters To Death

Iran's Supreme Court has upheld a death sentences against three young men who were arrested during 2019 protests. The international community must intervene to halt this crime against humanity.

Amir-Hossein Moradi, Mohammad Rajabi and Saeed Tamjidi were sentenced to death by Branch 15 of the regime's Revolutionary Court in Tehran. Their charges are "riot leaders" and "moharebeh" - which translates to "enmity against God.

They have been denied access to lawyers and subject to torture including being hung upside down while repeatedly beaten on their legs and feet. Amir-Hossein was also coerced into giving a "confession" on state television which was used as evidence to convict him.

On February 28th, Amnesty International in an urgent action stated that Amir-Hossein, Mohammad and Saeed’s “trial was grossly unfair" -

The Iranian regime has a history of executing its opponents, including the recent execution of an Iranian Kurdish prisoner - Hedayat Abdollah-pour. The international community must condemn and challenge the Iranian regime on these crimes against Iran's citizens.


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