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Iranian Student Has Contracted Coronavirus in Evin Prison

On 12th June 2020, Ali Younesi's brother stated that Ali has contracted coronavirus while in solitary confinement.

Ali Younesi, a top award winning student of physics at Iran's prestigious Sharif Industrial university, was arrested on 10th Apil 2020 and has been detained since, solely for his families ties with the Iranian opposition movement.

On Social media, his sister Aida Younesi condemned the arbitrary detainment of her brother and demanded that they release Ali without delay.

His brother states that Ali has contracted coronavirus in his 56 days of solitary confinement. Ali has now been transferred to a small cell in Evin Prison's general ward, but is seriously ill. He has been denied adequate medical treatment and a lawyer, whilst the Iranian authorities contemplate trumped up charges to detain him further.

In Evin Prison, inmates with symptoms of COVID-19 and tested positive are still sharing cells with healthy prisoners, and many lives are in danger. The Iranian authorities have been reckless in tackling this problem and this a direct crime against humanity.


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