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Lawyer and Political Prisoner Violently Taken to Qarchak prison

Lawyer and political prisoner Soheila Hejab was violently taken to the notorious Qarchak Prison after an appeals court session.

Ms Hejab was severely beaten and dragged on the street by her hair after her court session where she was transferred to Qarchak Prison. According to Ms Hejab, she was threatened by her interrogator who was among the IRGC, to physically eliminate her in prison.

Based on Soheila’s phone call from Qarchak, she said:

“I am Soheila Hejab and I am calling from Qarchak Prison in Varamin. I was summoned to the Court of Appeals on Tuesday. On Sunday, I received a verdict issued by Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court, but as soon as I left the court, I was arrested by the Sarallah Corps in Tehran without any legal reason and explanation. They beat me and dragged me by my hair in the street and punched and kicked me in the head, face and side. They beat me a lot and then took me to Qarchak Prison in Varamin with a bloody face, without shoes and socks".

"A new case was opened against me which has nothing to do with my confirmed case. This is my interrogator’s request. He has repeatedly threatened me with death through inmates who have been convicted of violent crimes and are serving time in Qarchak Prison. They will definitely take me to the safe houses of the IRGC’s Sarallah base for long-term interrogation and solitary confinement".

"My interrogator must be held accountable for why without any legal reason and without committing any crime, I was insulted, beat bloody and pulled by my hair on street and transferred in such a state to Qarchak Prison in Varamin. My interrogator and the intelligence forces must be held accountable. Tomorrow, I will be taken to the prosecutor for interrogation in IRGC’s safe houses. Whoever hears my voice, be my voice, support me in news and media.”


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