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Saeed Sangar - Human Rights Activist

On 18th November 2000, Saeed Sangar was sentenced to execution at the First Branch of Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj, headed by notorious judiciary Mr Fatemi. Saeed's sentence was “enmity against god” through allegedly being a member of the PMOI.

Saeed Sangar, born in on 2nd May 1973 is a human rights and political activist in Iran. He was arrested on 31st August 2000 in Marivan, Iran.

In December 2003, Saeed was transferred to the central prison in Uromiye and his execution sentence was changed to life imprisonment. After 4 years in 2007, he was transferred to central prison in Sanandaj and remained there until 2015. On 1st September 2015 he was transferred to central prison in Uromiye.

On 23rd December 2016, Saeed's life imprisonment sentence was reduced to 18 years imprisonment at Sanandaj Court, however, the Iranian revolutionary security forces blocked this reduced sentence.

Subsequently on 25th February 2020, Saeed Sangar was summoned in the Second Branch of Revolutionary Court in Uromiye and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment due to ‘being a member of PMOI’ and ‘having connection with members abroad’.


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