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Sit-in in support of people's uprising and in defense of political prisoners

Dear compatriots, Iranians living in England

British citizens, members of parliament

The national uprising of the Iranian people is rushing forward to overthrow the Akhundi regime. Killing, arrest and torture were not able to stop it and it passed its fifth week. The Maflok regime and its helpless legal guardian resorted to a great crime in Evin prison for revenge and show of power. Dozens of prisoners died in the attack by Khamenei's criminals called "Nopo" (special force of provincial guards) and many were injured, those killed were shot. They were directly hit in the head and chest by war bullets and shotguns. Our loved ones are in danger in other prisons as well.

All the evidence shows that the religious and terrorist dictatorship ruling over Iran in the last days of its life does not turn away from any crime like the massacre of 1367 against political prisoners. Defending the prisoners is a part of the national uprising of the Iranian people for the freedom of the captive homeland. Therefore, in solidarity with the uprising of the people of Iran and in defense of our captives, we announce a sit-in for one week and call everyone to participate in this sit-in and support it.

We want the government and the Prime Minister of England to introduce a decisive policy against the Iranian regime in the United Nations Security Council and to take effective measures to protect the lives of prisoners and deal with the brutal suppression of protesters in Iran. Put the IRGC and the Ministry of Intelligence in its entirety on the terrorist list and expel their agents and mercenaries. Recognize the right of the Iranian people to defend themselves and to overthrow this regime.

We support the call of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the Iranian resistance, to the United Nations to form an international fact-finding delegation to visit Evin prison, and we want the British government to take the necessary measures to form such a delegation.

We call on the Parliament of England to fully support the uprising of the Iranian people and oblige the government of this country to take necessary measures to protect the lives of political prisoners.

Time: from Wednesday, October 19, for one week, around the clock

Location: Trafalgar Square

Association of former political prisoners in England

احمد ابراهيمي ۱۰ سال زندانهای اوين، گوهردشت، قزل حصار و قم

جمشيد ادهمي 4 سال زندان اوين

نسرين رحماني 4سال زندان اهواز

منير حسيني 4 سال زندان اوين

زهرا سيفان 4سال زندان اوين

رضا رحماني 5 سال زندان اهواز

شعله گيوه كي 4 سال زندان اوين


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