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Iran Regime Kills Political Prisoners With Coronavirus

Iran's prisons and detention centers are one of the worst effected areas by the coronavirus in Iran, due to the negligence and recklessness of the Iranian authorities.

Many political prisoners, including in Evin Prison, Fashafuyeh Grand Prison, Central Karaj prison, Ghezel Hesar, Orumieh, Sheyban Ahvaz and Kashan prison are infected by the virus.

Prison officials admit that prison facilities hold several times more than the capacity of prisoners. Many prisoners are forced to sleep on the aisles and next to the toilets on the floor. However, the regime has not provided them with any hygienic facilities. There are no masks or disinfectants. Ghezel Hesar prisoners are even deprived of soap and detergents.

In Fashafuyeh prison, Amir Moradi, a political prisoner who was sentenced to death along with two others because of their participation in the recent uprisings in Iran, was among those affected with the coronavirus. They were taken to hospital but returned a day later and transferred to an unknown location.

Two political prisoners have also been transferred to a Prison’s quarantine unit in Sheyban Prison of Ahvaz, but no information about them is available. At least one inmate with the coronavirus infection in Orumieh prison has also died and four others have been transferred to medical facilities.


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