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Iran Responds to "Stop Executions" Social Media Campaign

Ebrahim Raisi, the head of the Iranian regime’s Judiciary, was forced to cease the execution of three young protesters due to the Iranian people’s popular social media campaign against the execution. Raisi called the social media campaign as “propaganda and misinformation” carried out by online bots.

These remarks are reminiscent of the remarks of General Azhari, of the former Shah army and Prime Minister who in December 1978 dismissed the voices of millions of Iranians chanting “Death to the Shah,” which were heard all over Iran.

Terrified by the encouraging impact of the regime’s temporary retreat in the execution of three young protesters, the current Iranian regime’s Judiciary Chief threatened: “Propaganda and assaults against the Judiciary’s decisions will have no impact at all. … Criticisms should be heard, and the reaction should be logical. But riots, disruption, and insecurity is the system’s red line, the country’s red line, and no one should be allowed under any circumstances to cause disruptions and insecurity in the country.”

In order to boost the morale of henchmen who call themselves “judges,” Raisi urged them to “be vigilant against violent crimes and they must firmly deal with outlaws and defiant individuals to prevent them from entering into the legal field.”


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