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Iranian Judiciary Systematically Drugs Jailed Protesters

The Iranian Judiciary is enforcing drugs on young protesters detained in prisons to make them addicts, reports Iran Human Rights Monitor.

Extract from Iran Human Rights Monitor:

Iran Human Rights Monitor has recently received reports indicating that this is indeed a systematic plan by the Iranian Judiciary. It works through an experienced drug mafia to make addicted the young protesters who called for the regime’s overthrow. 

Jamil Ghahremani is a case in point. Jamil Ghahremani, 30, is an athlete. Security forces arrested him after the November 2019 Iran protests on December 1, 2019.

Branch 24 of the Revolutionary Court of Tehran sentenced Jamil Ghahremani to five years in prison on the charge of “acting against national security.” Branch 36 of the Revision Court upheld this sentence.

Once in jail, he confronted prison guards who mistreated the detained protesters. But he was beaten himself and taken out of the ward. When the guards returned Jamil to the ward after a few days, he could not talk, his inmates say.

Sometime later when he recovered, he said he had been injected with some unknown substance. The prison staff also gave him addictive pills instead of tranquilizers.

Sources close to Jamil Ghahremani’s family say he snoozed during their visit, and his words did not make sense. It has been reported that the warden of the Great Tehran Penitentiary, has hired a number of operatives to make young prisoners addicted.

Some 40 protesters arrested in November 2019 have become addicted to narcotic drugs by the operatives collaborating with the warden. These protesters come from Islamshahr, Shahriar, Roudehen and Andisheh, all hotbeds of protest in November 2019.

The operatives of GTP warden have done the same to the protesters arrested during protests in 2017 and 2018. They have been transferred to and presently detained in GTP’s Ward 1.

Vahid Safari, an inmate detained on drug-trafficking charges, works as a prison guard. He has been appointed by the GTP warden to monitor the inmates and provide them drugs.

Prisoners released from GTP say Safari picks inmates who are under tremendous pressure serving their sentence. He tells them that drugs make it easier for them to tolerate the conditions. His famous motto is: “Smoke CRACK, so that CRACK serves your sentence.”

GTP inmates rarely find access to a book or a newspaper to read. However, various types of narcotic and hallucinogenic drugs are easily at hand.

Iran HRM calls on the UN to dispatch a fact-finding mission to Iran to visit prisons and meet with political prisoners and detained protesters. The Iranian Judiciary must be held accountable for the horrible crimes it commits in its prisons and torture chambers.


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