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Thousands Join Online Conference To Commemorate Day of Martyrs And Political Prisoners

On 20th June, from 2,000 locations across the globe, an online virtual conference was held by the Iranian opposition group, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), commemorating the Day of Martyrs and Political Prisoners'.

Tens of thousands viewed the live stream of this extraordinary event across platforms including social media. The conference is available to watch in its entirety on Twitter at @Iran_Policy:

Participants paid tribute to political prisoners who are persevering in the dungeons of Iran, standing for for regime change and democracy. They also paid tribute to the 120,000 martyrs who have fallen for freedom in Iran, including 30,000 political prisoners who were massacred in the summer of 1988.

Keynote speaker, Mrs Maryam Rajavi - NCRI President-Elect, said: “The overthrow of the clerical regime is the firm demand of the Iranian people and the uprisings in November 2019 and January 2020 represented the people’s burning commitment to implement it. With their protests and strikes, and the activities and operations of Resistance Units, every day, the Iranian people move closer to overthrowing the regime. It is for the realization of this goal that political prisoners continue to persevere in prisons across Iran and stand up to Khamenei’s henchmen.”

Many other prominent speakers attended this conference, including Baroness Verma, former Minister and member of the UK House of Lords, who said: “The world is witnessing the rejection of dictatorship in anti-regime protests. It is vital to stand up to suppression and tyranny. The UK has an opportunity to show that there is a viable alternative to the mullahs’ regime. The people of Iran deserve a prosperous future. No government, group, or individual must rest easy until the people of Iran enjoy freedom. ” 

Antonio Tasso, an Italian MP stated: “Our states must condemn the leaders of this regime who have killed political prisoners in 1988 and protesters in 2019. We cannot accept the appeasement attitude. The European Union must take a step forward. We must stand with the Iranian people,” 

The conference is available to watch in its entirety on Twitter at @Iran_Policy:


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