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Tehran’s hysterical reaction to Maryam Rajavi’s presence in the European Parliament

In an important cross-party gathering at the European Parliament on May 24, the President-elect of the Iranian opposition NCRI Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, addressed pressing issues, including the uprising in Iran, the surge of executions, and the European Union’s role and responsibilities. The Iranian regime’s response to this event was nothing short of hysterical, exemplified by the official “Mizan News Agency,” affiliated with the regime’s Judiciary.

The event, titled, “Perspective of Change and European Union Policy,” was organized by the European Parliament’s Friends of Free Iran Interparliamentary Group (FOFI). At the event, Mrs. Rajavi was received warmly by the European Parliament’s Vice Presidents and the FOFI leaders. They urged their support for the Iranian people’s uprising.

Reflecting the utter anger of the world’s top state-sponsor of terrorism, Mizan claimed on May 31 that “The warm reception of Maryam Rajavi at the European Parliament raises concerns, particularly when Western countries claim to champion human rights while establishing close ties with the [MEK] terrorist group. Recently, the European Parliament hosted a meeting against the Iranian government, featuring members of the [MEK].”

According to Mizan, “Nasser Kanani, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed regret on Twitter regarding Maryam Rajavi’s presence at the European Parliament. Despite the European Parliament’s human rights slogans, some members turned a blind eye to the track record of state and parliamentarian assassins by hosting Maryam Rajavi.”

Reeling over the Iranian Resistance’s campaigns abroad exposing the regime’s terrorism and human rights violations, Mizan brazenly claims, “While European countries claim to combat terrorism actively, a closer look reveals that some, like Sweden, have become safe havens for members of terrorist groups. The MEK, once listed as a terrorist organization in Europe, now enjoys full support from these countries. Not only do the group’s members travel and reside in these countries without difficulty, but they also receive extensive support.”

The outlet speaks of the “MEK’s crimes” while the regime’s judiciary has hanged at least 150 Iranians in the last 30 days, or one person every five hours.

Mizan then desperately expresses fear of how the “MEK holds meetings in countries such as France, with senior officials from countries like the United States attending and speaking at these gatherings, despite the group’s designation as a terrorist organization.”

It is worth noting that a batch of documents published by the group “GhiamSarnegouni,” which breached the servers of the regime’s Ministry of Foreign Affaris, showed that the regime has been trying to re-include the MEK on the EU’s blacklist.

The acquired documents offer indisputable proof of the regime’s profound apprehension and concerted efforts to suppress its main opposition, the MEK. Multiple governmental departments collaborate in undermining the organization, supported by a specialized “political committee” operating within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This committee actively formulates tactics to confront the MEK and obstruct its international endeavors, including advocating for the MEK’s inclusion in the European Union’s blacklist to hamper its activities.

The documents show that the “political committee” thoroughly assessed legal options for labeling the MEK as a terrorist group in the European Union. However, it concluded that current legal frameworks demand solid evidence of the MEK’s terrorist activities, which the organization lacks. Therefore, the only feasible approach to include the MEK in the EU’s list rests on political channels and requires the support of a sympathetic European country. This reveals the regime’s fear of potential setbacks in its political pursuits, underscoring its efforts to vilify the MEK and rationalize its oppressive behavior.


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