Political Prisoners in Iran

Ali Younessi
Arbitrary Detention
Saeed Sangar
(Human Rights Activist)
Political Prisoner
Saeed Massouri
(Human Rights Activist)
Political Prisoner
Hashem Khastar 
(Teachers Union Rep.)
Political Prisoner
Maryam Monfared
(Human Rights Activist)
Political Prisoner
Marzieh Farsi
(Political Activist)
Political Prisoner
Atena Daemi 
(Civil Liberties Activist)
Political Prisoner
Arash Sadeghi 
(Human Rights Activist)
Political Prisoner
Forough Taghipour 
(Political Activist)
Political Prisoner



Torturers and Executioners of Iran Prisons
Iran has had some of the worse torturers and executioners in the world, from the time of the Shah of Iran's Savak in the 1970's to Khomeini's  Mullah's who tortured and executed 30,000 in the 1988 massacre of political prisoners. Today, many of these perpetrators of crimes against humanity sit in official and judiciary positions in Rouhani's government and commit the same crimes against political prisoners in Iran today. 

 Torturers and Executioners 

Evin Prison
 Evin Prison 
Iran's Dungeons 
Prisons in Iran are notorious for their inhumane conditions including severe overcrowding and lack of basic sanitation and healthcare needs. Political Prisoners are tortured in wards that are alike dungeons, where they stay in horrific conditions. Many have died at the hands of Irans torturers and executioners in these prisons, especially Evin Prison in Tehran, the capital city, where thousands of political prisoners were executed in the summer of 1988.

 Iran's Notorious Prisons 

 Witnesses and Testimonies 

Living Eye-Witnesses
The Anglo-Iranian Political Prisoners Association has members who have spent many years as political prisoners in Iran, and can testify against the Iranian regime. They are living eye-witnesses and victims of horrendous psychological and physical torture, inhumane living conditions, and of executions of fellow political prisoner in front of their eyes. 



1988 Massacre - 30,000 Political Prisoners Executed in one Summer
In the summer of 1988, the Iranian government authorities extra-judicially executed thousands of political prisoners and buried their bodies in unmarked mass graves. To this day, their relatives have been grieving and demanding to know where their loved ones have been dumped. However, the authorities refuse to tell them where their loves ones remains are, and do all their best to hide their locations.  With the help of living eye-witnesses who are able to testify, We must call for justice, and bring the perpetrators of these crimes to International Tribunals for crimes against humanity, including many torturers and executioners who have positions in the current tyrannical government in Iran headed by Hassan Rouhani and Ali Khamenei. 

We Campaign to Free All Political Prisoners In Iran 

What We Do

We are professionals employed in different sectors such as doctors, lawyers, and engineers but we contribute our time for voluntary work for the freedom of political prisoners in Iran.

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Who We Are

We are an Anglo-Iranian association of British citizens who were political prisoners in Iran in the past and we are living eye-witnesses to the crimes of the Iranian regime against humanity. 

You can get involved by by attending our meetings, demonstrations, petitions, and you can support us financially with a kind donation to aid our activities.

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